The majority of the paintings are landscapes, based on the Sussex countryside and Italy. He also until the 1970s painted and drew still life and occasionally portraits, but found the latter particularly difficult. He would spend time sketching when he took his pupils out to sketch on Selsey beach, and on his numerous walks and whilst attending meetings. Some of the paintings and sketches illustrate his poems since at times he was both working on these together. His favourite medium was gouache, followed by watercolour and ink. As he grew older the paintings became more abstract and less influenced by other painters. Although he held exhibitions locally, he rarely wanted to sell paintings or indeed give them away to friends and family, dismissing them as unimportant. Yet for me and others, his paintings are far more impressive than his plays which he found far more challenging to produce. To a certain extent he almost found painting too easy and wanted life to be a challenge and this was provided by his plays.

The paintings included here are a selection and are mainly in private collections. Unfortunately he neither signed many nor dated them. Many of them are untitled and I have given them titles reflecting their subject matter. The Sussex and Italian landscapes date from the 1950s to 1980s, and the others from the 1940s to the 1970s.